Vietnam is an extraordinary place for the senses. It is a visual treat, a unique soundscape, a place redolent with the flow of cultural currents native and foreign, a beautiful landscape with magical natural vistas and many beautifully crafted man-made creations that is inhabited by an energetic and proud people who live, work, dream, learn and create in this spectacular country.

What follows in this post are a few "vignettes" I gathered with my lens that reflect this experience.  They might show people, spaces, places, colours, atmosphere – anything that caught my eye. Anything that made me feel something, however profound or superficial, enduring or fleeting.

I will let the images speak for themselves and tell the stories I saw behind them. I hope they will speak eloquently or, at least, that they will be adequately articulate to convey to you the same reaction I felt when I encountered these scenes.

 Noon respite, Saigon

 Chilling, Saigon

 Artist at work, Saigon

 Cigarette stand, Saigon

 Street snack, Saigon

In their own moment of calm, Saigon

 Saigon bling

 Old shop, Saigon

 Playground in Park 23-9, Pham Ngu Lao Street, Saigon

 Street scene, Saigon

 Workshop, Saigon

 Street scene, Saigon

 Opening the shop, Saigon
 Noon break games, Saigon

 Red, Saigon

 School' s out, Saigon

 Impromptu street shrine and passing nun, Saigon

 Power-point, Saigon

 Beer and curiosity

 Alley, Saigon

 Alley, Saigon

 Who'll buy my bananas?
 Hanging out, Cho Ben Thanh, Saigon

 Waiting, Saigon

Four tigresses, Saigon


 Games at high noon, Saigon

 New uses for old aluminium cans

 The Three Graces


 Hot colours, hot light: Saigon

 A view to a room, Saigon

 Lunch under the stars, Saigon

 Street cleaner, Saigon

 Sidewalk shoemaker, Saigon

 Working hard at… doing nothing much.

 Colours, Saigon

 Balancing act, Saigon

 Primary colours, Saigon

 Hoi An


 Edible colour, Saigon

 Seamstress, Saigon

 Men at work, Saigon


 Sweet treats

 Ben Thanh Market

Butcher, Cho Ben Thanh, Saigon

 Keeping the books, Cho Ben Thanh, Saigon


 Art by request


 Morning coffee and juice, Saigon

 Hoi An Market – Cho Hoi An

 Tailor's apprentices, Hoi An

Master tailor, Hoi An

 Women on building site, Hoi An

 Waiting for repairs, Hoi An

 Street kitchen, Hoi An

Smile, Hoi An

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