Long Lunch – the best kind!

Peter and My Le took me to lunch at the Cay Ban Restaurant, nestled on the banks of a tidal river that flows out to the sea on the south side of Nha Trang. The Cay Ban is open only for lunch; and there is no wall to separate us from the view. The restaurant only has a roof to keep the patrons dry and out of the hot sun. The kitchen, too, is open to view. 
One gets to hear all the sounds and smell all the smells and aromas, in the restaurant and out on the open water and banks of the river. Birds sang, people called out from a distance, boats chugged and putted up and down the river and, occasionally, snoring, whining roaring motorcycles and scooters bouncing along on the narrow old wooden bridge, competing for space and right of way in a manner that resembled a Mexican stand-off or a game of "chicken": the contest was to see who would stop and give way first.

It was a textbook tropical noon, and the experience was one of those long, slow, languid and supremely relaxing excursions that turn out to be a feast for all the senses.
The company was most amiable, the food was fabulous, the beer cold and refreshing, the view spectacular and the day perfect.

Total bill: five exceptionally delicious dishes, shared; two cans of soft drink; and eight bottles of great Saigon Da (Saigon Red Label) beer: AU$11.20.
The view: Priceless!

Lunch at the Cay Ban Restaurant

The view from our table at the Cay Ban Restaurant

Nha Trang scenes

 Performers at the Ponagar Cham Temple complex
  Performers at the Ponagar Cham Temple complex

 Part view of Nha Trang and the river, from Ponagar
 Worshippers, Long Son Pagoda
Artist, Hon Chong, Nha Trang: this artist "builds" three dimensional landscapes with coloured sands and pigments inside a glass container.

The artist's materials

This is how they advertise real estate in Nha Trang

The loneliness of the sunglass seller, Nha Trang Beach

Lazy afternoon, Nha Trang Beach

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