Life's a beach

The main beach at Nha Trang is six kilometres long. A long palm tree-lined boulevard runs the length of it and continues out to the north and south. It is lined with restaurants, clubs, micro-breweries and 5 star hotels that would be at home in the world's ritziest and most expensive resorts. This place never sleeps: there is always something to do. It is also home to a growing and thriving expatriate community in which Australians feature prominently, as do French, Germans, North Americans and many others. 

Impromptu beach games after school, Nha Trang

Part view of the Hon Chong (Suspended Rock) Peninsula, Nha Trang

View from the Sailing Club, Nha Trang

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  1. Beautiful people, beautiful country; reserve a beach chair for me.....Steve Rendoulis