Teething problems.

When you're a tyro with blogs, you're bound to get it wrong. I just did. I've been sweating since I couldn't put up a post from my iPad – my preferred input device – to Parts Unknown. Then I remembered that I purchased the Blogsy app from the iTunes Store to do just that. 

So here it is. I wanted to use the iPad because I want to travel light. My MacBook Pro is a fantastic machine, but I wanted to experiment with a lightweight portable device not only because of its greater portability, but also because I enjoy the challenge of using new technology. 

The next step is to learn to upload photographs from the iPad to the blog. Blogsy has a simple way to do that, but one should never underestimate how a blogging tyro can muck it up without trying. 

In my next post, I'll write about the photographic and computing gear I'll be using on this trip to stay connected, update the blog, and manage my travel in Vietnam. 

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