Tech talk

 My preferred devices for photography and connectivity on this trip are:

  1. iPad (64 gigabyte with wi-fi)
  2. iPhone 4 for communications and experimenting with photo apps and video
  3. Olympus EPL-1 digital camera with kit 14-42 mm zoom lens and electronic viewfinder
  4. Olympus EP-1 digital camera with kit 17 mm lens and optical viewfinder
  5. Spare batteries, chargers (one each for cameras and iDevices) four SD cards and iPad camera connector. 

This is a compact, lightweight kit, and the Olympus micro fourt thirds cameras are superb performers: any limitations are likely to be mine as a photographer – I tend to be impatient in setting menus and post processing – and not shortcomings in the equipment. 

 Fresh oranges for the morning's juice

 Power nap

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