Random bursts

I have abandoned all notions of writing this blog in any chronological order. Vietnam is too energetic, too manic, too fast and it just gets away from you. You are savouring one day, one moment, one experience and, suddenly, the next thing happens to you. Your responses are running all at once, like multiple torrents unleashed by a downpour of events.

So I will write, instead, about things, people, themes, events, ideas, experiences, sights and visions as they present themselves. Parts Unknown is not so much a personal diary as a distillation of my passage through a country and a culture I have never experienced before. I have rediscovered the joy of travel after 28 years of being firmly rooted in my fixed abode in Australia, living the life of the student, the worker, the husband, the father, in debt for a mortgage and, now, the single again middle-aged white male – only mortgage free.

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