By way of introduction.

It's the wee hours of a Saturday morning in South Australia, and I'm just starting on this blog. It was only created less then 10 minutes ago. I just realised that I'm taking off for Vietnam in 31 hours. I haven't even packed yet!

So how did I get here? I made a promise to a good friend and former colleague and boss, who has always insisted that I don't get out enough! He has retired to the tropical resort town of Nha Trang, on Vietnam's central coast, where he and his Vietnamese wife decided to build a hotel. (So much for retirement).

I left the South Australian Public Service in June 2011, after a career spanning 25 years and five departments – mostly in communications roles – and I'm spending part of my pay-out on this trip. (I still have to find another job to make my daily bread, but my needs are simpler now, thankfully). And since I haven't been overseas in 28 years...

I thought about starting a blog to share my experiences on this journey, and to engage in a form of writing that is radically different from that with which I had made my living previously. I am also a keen photographer, and I have long wanted to combine words and pictures.

Vietnam is an unknown part of the world for me: indeed, I am a stranger to Asia, although I have always been an admirer of the cultures and people of the continent. I am going to Vietnam with a fresh eye and an open mind.

I will be happy if you find something to like in this blog. I will post words and pictures as often as I can, and I will do my best to make them interesting.

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