Blogging hell!

Last night I logged on to post some more content. Blogsy (my blogging app on the iPad) automatically updated. Then it said I had to "recreate" my blog account. After a scare, it worked. Then I went to upload photos. But ohhh no! I had to recreate the Picasa account from scratch too. So I tried to do that, and disaster struck. It won't recognise my password, and throws up all sorts of demands and requests. The trouble is, everything on Google is in Vietnamese, even though my default language on the iPad is English. There is no way to translate the dialogue boxes, nothing works, and I can't upload photos to or from Picasa or, indeed, from the iPad's photo library.

I suspect the culprit is Blogsy. This is a monumental stuff-up, and I won't be able to post any photographs until, well, I don't know when.

I am in Hoi An, it is a beautiful old town, and I can't show you any of it.

I'll try and do something from my friend Peter's laptop back in Nha Trang (his Google is in English, I think), but until then, I'm flying blind.

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